Little Girls Shouldn’t Grow Up so Fast

Petite Coquette: Lingerie for Little Girls

When I was little, I was never a girly girl so my mom did not have to worry about me stealing her clothes and ruining her makeup set. On the other hand, there was my friend Amber who would take her mother’s clothes and wear her makeup whenever her mom was not around. One day Amber took her mother’s bra and underwear. We looked at the bra and said “There is no way we will ever fit in that,” so instead of trying on her under garments we played with her make up and drew on my father when he was sleeping. When my dad woke up, he saw the bra on the ground and said, “Little girls like you guys don’t need this yet, you are too young and I am not ready for you guys to grow up yet.”

In this world there are people that think differently from my dad and created lingerie for little girls. I do not think girls who have not developed boobs yet should wear lingerie yet because they are too young and might give the wrong indication to men or boys older than them. In the article it included that “Little girls like to dress up like mommy,” but that does not mean a little girl has to wear lingerie. A girl can wear her mother’s shirts, dresses, skirts, and any kind of clothing that will be seen on the outside. Lingerie is only seen in private most of the time and a little girl would have no use for it. I feel that lingerie is a sign of maturity and the girls in the photos do not look old enough to wear it. Lingerie is also used so that women feel sexy for their partner, but little girls should not have the need to be sexy. They should feel cute and pretty, but not sexy at their age. With little girls in lingerie also let’s online predators have more pictures for them to look at and if they open little lingerie stores, they may be hanging around there to see little girls choose lingerie outfits which are not appropriate. In all, I am against lingerie for little girls and it is right for it to be on the Wall of Shame.



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